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Uncle Sam wants your moneyAre you fed up with the waste, fraud and abuse of your hard earned tax dollars? Do you really think we can rely on foreigners to finance our Federal Government forever? Since we have exported over $6 trillion of our wealth to buy imports, how long do you think that will last?

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Welcome to the Foundation for Fiscal Reform

The Foundation for Fiscal Reform (FFFR) is a non-partisan, 501 (c) (3) corporation that provides education to our members on Macroeconomic issues, and it is a forum for them to formulate economic and fiscal policy reforms.  Fiscal policy and monetary policy, international trade, savings and investment, government finance, and other factors are evaluated for our members so they can help bring about the needed reforms.

The media and Washington mean well, but...

The constant barrage of misinformation and incomplete data from the media, entertainers and the politicians overwhelms the public 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. This leads to a false sense of security on the part of most people because they think they are being presented with comprehensive analyses that are unbiased and up-to-date. These sources attempt to entertain the public but they do not adequately educate them.

Board and Staff Members

The founding Board Members of the FFFR, INC. come from diverse social and economic backgrounds and political orientations. At the urging of the thousands of readers of the "Macroeconomic Outlook" from around the country, they have provided their leadership, time and money to start up this organization.

Each has become educated in the area of macroeconomics and view education on this topic to be extremely essential to all Americans in our effort to remain the great country and world leader that we are.

Some information regarding our founders include......

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Average Family Debt

The total average household debt is $21,589 for the average family size of 3 (not counting mortgages). However their share of the US government debt is $136,000 !

  • $ 5.3 trillion - gov reported deficit
  • $ 4.3 trillion - Social Security deficit
  • $ 3-5 trillion - unfunded gov employee and veterans' benefits, etc
  • 13.6 +/- 1 trillion total.
  • $13.6 trillion divided among 100 million households is $136,000

Wage Disparity


In 2006 the total income for the lowest 50% of wage earners was only 12.8% of the total US income. The richest 1% earn 21.2% of the total

In 1990 the richest 1% earned only 14% of the total income. This disparity between the upper and lower classes has increased considerably and will get worse if the current macroeconomic trends continue.